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Haiten Injection molding machine

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JUPITER III SERIES / Machinery / Injection Molding Machine

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Fast cycle
  • Large mold area
  • GreenVantage
  • Improve operability
  • Longer service life of moulds

Product Details

  Strong injection molding capability: with wider range of injection process coverage and flexible combination of different injection units.

  Small footprint: the compact structure of the machine offers higher productivity per sqm.

  Intelligent: intelligent core hardware, with precise digital control compatible with latest international information interface, user friendly HMI.

  JDD International Trading Company, a professional manufacturer of injection molding machine development, production and sales. 

  Main business: injection molding machine, plastic parts processing.

  Main products: vertical injection molding machine, high precision servo injection molding machine, single slide/ double slide vertical injection molding machine, liquid silica gel injection molding machine, fast vertical injection molding machine, vertical rotary disk injection molding machine, columnless injection molding machine, AC/DC wire plug injection molding machine and other machinery and precision machinery CNC processing, CNC lathe and other plastic parts processing, customized production according to your drawings.


Dongguan Haiteng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

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