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160 Ton Second Hand Injection Molding Machine

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Quick response:Due to sensitive servo motor, the response time is only 0.05 second.
  • Better Molding Stability:Compared with conventional injection molding machines,repeatability is greatly improved due to servo motor close-loop control.
  • Servo drives can vary the pump speed - all the way to a dead stop, if appropriate - according to the system’s demand for oil.The longer cycles encountered in molding larger parts on large injection machines can benefit particularly from throttling back or stopping the hydraulic pump while the clamp is closed and the screw is not turning.
  • Use of servo-driven hydraulic pumps has shown significant energy savings - up to 35% - compared with conventional drives.
  • Good structural strength

Product Details


Clamping Force:1600KN

Opening Stroke:430 mm


Injection Weight:291g

Item name: plastic injection machine

Clamping force:1600KN

Screw diametre:45mm


Type:Plastic injection molidng machine

Model Number:MA 160 Ton

Injection Rate:148g/s

Plastic Type:Thermoplastic



Space between tie-bar:ar:470*470mm

Injection weight:291gram

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