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Those want to participate in the exhibition but have no time to go can see here. Here I'll introduce to you the exhibitors and products in detail. Part 15
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    SONLY will be introduce next. SONLY is in 11 hall, and the booth is 11S01.

    The product is SONLY-U238TS.  And its product features: 

    Clamping device: New conjoined hyperbolic elbow five fulcrum clamping mechanism, after a detailed calculation, manual and software running curve is more stable, smooth process is faster, and longer service life. New conjoined template through finite element analysis software, reasonbale structure, convenient maintenance, good rigidity, high strength, small deformation. Electronic scale attached to cross, speed control is more agile, is conducive to protect the mould. Lubrication automatic detection alarm function, can effectively guarantee the lubrication of all nodes in place. Compared with the same, we have a bigger bar spacing, molar volume and open mold, processing more plastic products, the high cost performance of the machine. Arched plate can protect mold effectively. Especially, in the mold is much small than plate situation.

    Finish Machining: More than 90% parts completely independent processing, effectively guarantee the processing precision. Large-scale machining center, gantry milling and other equipment to make us fully capable of processing 3400T of the following equipment. ISO9001 quality management system certification, quality for the enterprise to build on a new level. Strict inspection division of labor, make the production each link control.

    The injection device: The bridge beam injection ensure smooth, high repeat precision. Injection and holding pressure closed-loop control, precision back pressure control. The structure of the screw on the cylinder demountable type, easy to change. High quality seals, effectively guarantee the pressure and speed.

    Electronic control unit: Using energy-saving technology servo control precision, can energy saving more than 70%. Friendly operation interface. Comply with international safety standards of electrical circuit design. Adopt international famouse electric components. Multicolor alarm device, cleat display machine status. Patent operation button box adopts automatic positioning function, use more human.

    Hydraulic equipment: Using the world famous hydraulic components, the effective protection system reliability. The lastest hydraulic system design, make energy consumption province, reflect a more agile, it's more convenient to use. The oil temperature alarm device, effectively control the oil temperature, hydraulic components and mechanical seals. Visual oil window, make the oil more reliable and simple maintenance. Internal adopts pensu processing tank. All frame specially analysis software, the machine better rigidity, bearing more reasonable.

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